Renegade Colostrum


By far the most effective supplement I have ever tried for CFS, Increased energy and Leaky Gut Syndrome. Within 2 weeks of taking it, I have been able to do things that I couldn't do for over 3 years... This is beyond a mirace!

Ms. J.M. Evans

My 20 year old takes Renegade colostrum and got immediate relief from an autoimmune disease called Interstitial cystitis or I.C. of which there is no cure. He had urinary urges up to 60x daily accompanied by burning with little to no urine output. 1 year later he has complete urinary output and urges only come every 15 minutes which is a far cry from 60x a day. This product is healing him and we will never stop buying it. Also my 18 year old daughter slept excessively beyond what is normal. She  was always tired and found it difficult to function. She no longer takes naps and feels refreshed after a good night's rest. As a mom I no longer have to worry I am so grateful.

C. Thomas

I had severe diarrhea from some medications that were prescribed to me, I could barely eat any food that wasn't soft or liquid. This is the 4th day of taking this and I no longer suffer from diarrhea at all. I do recommend this product. It has done wonders in just 4 days.

R. Socash

Suffering from tummy issues, aches and pains that make me feel pretty crap, this powder, which is also very yummy, has made a massive difference in my life. I will continue to take this on a daily basis.

Lisa Annie

I feel so much better. Went from having over 15 bowel movements per day to less than 4 a day


Very happy so far and seeing some great results. I have started losing weight finally which is very difficult for me being hypothyroid.


I feel like I am being hugged on the inside

Jeff Perlman (CMO of Zumba)

I take it everywhere with me. I feel like I am finally losing that "on medication" look... I've significantly reduced my steroids and feel no side effects

Martha Brooke

It has been a complete and total turn around for my son - within a few weeks of taking the colostrum and diving a little deeper into different stress management techniques, he is a different person!

Brandi Eckert